Quality project "Qualité, gage de réussite"


In 2003, the inquiry " Grandir en qualité  " on the quality of the daycares services was undertaken with a representative sample of the target population as follows; 905 groups of children attending close to 650 randomly selected establishments from the list of services de garde à la petite enfance. 

 The results of the investigation allowed to draw a detailed and representative portrait of the quality of the daily experience lived by the children of age 0 to 5 years that attend daycares, but also showed many gaps suggesting the necessity to deploy efforts to improve the quality. 

            Since this time no work was done to fill these gaps and thus to elevate the quality of daycares. 

In collaboration with the program of soutien financier 2010-2011 for the improvement of the quality of the daycares of the Ministère de la famille et des aînés, the RGPQ, (le Rassemblement des Garderies Privées du Québec)  published a series of modules.  These tools aim essentially at the restructuration of the premises. 

Here are the 6 modules for the restructuring of the premises(in french only):

 1- Administrator’s tool;

 2- Educator of the 0 to 17 months’ tool;

3- Educator of the 18 to 23 months’ tool;



1 Assurance A Bernier

2 Philippe Celestin CPA

3 Groupe KIMA

4 fdmt

5 kidicare

6 MobilePunch

7 Planitou

8 Carpell

9 Paramedical

10 Spectrum