RGPQ objectives:

  • · To promote, favour, develop and improve the quality of daycares for children of the families of Quebec.
  • · To protect, defend and represent the rights of all its members as well as to guaranty an active presence at the regional and provincial levels of authorities.
  • · Keep members informed of all developments and new actions undertaken by the Rassemblement.
  • · To appreciate the perfection and development of daycare personnel.
  • · To seek improvement on work conditions of daycare personnel. 



Your board of directors 2016-2017



Marie-Christine Guay

Présidente du RGPQ

Julie Plamondon

Trésorière du RGPQ

Jessie Labrecque

Secrétaire du RGPQ

Frédéric Labrecque


Isaac Sachs

Vice-Président du RGPQ

Silvana Berrafato

Responsable des communications du RGPQ

Linda Gince

Comité congrès du RGPQ